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Welcome to Lou Emery Photo and thank you for visiting.

Lou Emery Photo has over 35 years of photographic experience.  Offering visual services with a personal touch, to express the energy of your event, telling a story and archiving your memories.  These services include photographing horse races, presidents, movie stars and other celebrities, editorial features, monuments, newspapers, politicians, special events, associations, and social events. 

A feature photographer located in the Washington, DC area.  Available to contribute photographic as well as editorial services to you personally, or your organization or campaign. 

Accepting assignments from the Capital City area and around the world in Color or Black & White.   I can't wait to speak with you to schedule your next event.   Don't delay, call me today on (703) 307-0156.

Otherwise known as,

"Cool Hand Lou"

P.S.  Please enjoy the following slide show of U.S. Presidents, First Ladies, Members of Congress, Journalists, Presidential Candidates, Movie Stars, other Celebrities and Lou Emery.